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Dear Bob,


Your music is very enjoyable to play and fits very well for meditative moments. I am a woodwind player. I just did Essence of Grace on flute with my usual pianist. We split the melody line and took turns on lead and supporting melody. It was sublime!


I intend to delve further into your offerings. And thank you for taking the time to make transcriptions available. More often than not I will hear something which moves me, and then search for possible sheet music. More often than not none is available. It may not be a cash cow, but for those of us who perform, your work in providing transcriptions is very appreciated.

Henry D.


Dear Bob,

Your website is very well designed and easy to use. 

I want to say I first heard your music on Sirius XM radio -  the SPA channel.  You are a

wonderful musician and my daughter and I both love your music.


We will continue to listen to your albums !!  My 7 year-old daughter is an aspiring pianist and wants to "copy"

your style and your sound !!


Best Regards and Keep Inspiring Us All with your Music,


Chris Miller

"Listening to Bob Yonker's "Peace In This Land" brings joy to my day.  I find myself feeling relaxed and happy every time I play these tracks.  The music is soothing and brings me a sense of comfort and reminiscence of beloved family members."

Ida Lucero, SAT Coordinator

"I sometimes like to listen to soothing music while trying to relax before I fall asleep.  I have found that listening to "Shared Dreams" by Bob Yonker to be very soothing.  I have also listened to it at work when it is hectic in the office, and I find that it calms my nerves."

Tracy Syron, Elementary School Secretary

"Many days when I arrive at work and it starts of hectic, I turn on Spotify and listen to the tracks by Bob Yonker.  His magical music helps me relax and takes me to green fields where I can frolic and calm my mind.  I feel dancing butterflies as I listen and am taken to a new level of relaxation."

Ann Probst, Attendance Coordinator

"I purchased the first CD Mr. Yonker recorded many, many years ago.  One day when he stopped in my classroom to work with an enrichment student, he heard classical music being played while the students were writing.  He informed me that he also composed music and had a CD available.  I played that CD for many years in the classroom during writing across the curriculum.  I have since replaced the original CD with "Peace In This Land".  The students ask for it by name when they write because his music is calming and relaxing.  Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents.  It is an honor to know and work with someone who inspires students to write through easy listening music."

Kathleen Rodgers, Third Grade Teacher


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