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           Spirit Songs - Channeled Music

What is a Spirit Song or Song of Well-Being?

Spirit Songs are original piano pieces "channeled" by your Divine Source through the artist to create music that can calm the mind and soothe the soul. These pieces can provide healing at levels that are determined by your Divine, or simply provide a path to communing with your Divine through the sounds and vibrations of the song.

Bob discovered his gift of musical channeling quite by accident when several friends reported, what they referred to as, “healings” while attending a house concert of his solo piano compositions. One friend reported seeing angels standing behind Bob as he was playing. Another friend saw Bob’s hands glowing green and purple, the colors of healing.


After this concert, a few of his friends asked if he would consider composing music designed just for them. Unsure of how this worked, Bob, in meditation, asked  Jesus, and his Guides and Angels to provide an insight as to how he could help his friends and others, if this is what he was meant to do. He was "told" that all he needed was the name of the person requiring a “healing” song. His “Higher Being(s)” would work with the client’s “Higher Being(s)” and the composition would be “downloaded”, or “channeled” through him.

Bob has accepted, (admittedly a bit reluctantly), this charge from his Divine Source and has started his unique journey into helping others through music.

When Bob "composes", or channels these pieces he doesn't know how long or what musical style they may be.  This all depends on what your Divine determines is needed by you.  Bob only knows and trusts that if you remain "open" and "just be", the notes in your Spirit Song will hold the vibration your Angels and Guides can use to provide you with whatever message or healing you are open to receive.

This is a special product. It is a unique, custom, spiritually-psychically channeled composition, (only Music) , for you. These pieces could be channeled for Meditation Group Events or other projects as well. 

What is Required For Your Unique Spirit Song?

Bob requires only the name of the person that the composition is for.  Bob will connect with yours and his "Spirit Teams", as he calls them, to compose your unique song.

What Will You Receive?

Bob will compose and produce your song in digital format and deliver it to you via email as an mp3 recording.

Time Frame: Usually the song is received in a few days, but this depends on Bob's schedule. It may be longer, but usually within 1 to 2 weeks.  Trust that it will come through at the perfect time when it is most needed.

Exchange: $200.00 USD However, I  work with a Sliding Scale energy exchange per channel based on your personal financial situation and ability so please contact me with what you would be comfortable with if the above exchange is too much for you.  I will always work with those who truly need it.

Note: Most channels have ranged between 3 to 5 minutes.

The exchange includes the channeling and recording of the music; mastering, and converting to a suitable format to be delivered to you.

Email shareddreamsmusic@gmail for a unique opportunity to commission music composed specifically for you or someone you love by your or their Divine Guidance.A song that can be listened to over and over for days, weeks, or years to come as you need.


"Spirit Songs or Songs of Well-Being" is not a substitute for medical care and consultation. It is not a medical treatment or cure. Consult your physician for any diagnosis and treatment options. By using "Spirit Songs or Songs of Well-Being", you assume all responsibility for outcome or lack thereof, and hold harmless, Bob Yonker and/or "Spirit Songs or Songs of Well-Being." By using "Spirit Songs or Songs of Well-Being", you acknowledge, understand, and agree to this disclaimer, and you take full responsibility for your own healing, health, decisions, and actions.


"If you are interested in feeling uplifted, Bob's inspired piano music is the perfect match.  Channelled through the mind and heart of universal love, his musical creations leave me feeling connected to the immense beauty of Source.  They lead me to places of calm, peace, creativity and joy.  I am blessed to have his unique melodies accompanying my original meditation recordings - not as background music to the words but as powerful tunes inspiring the greater connection to a more loving state of being.  They beautifully amplify the effect of the recordings.  I am so grateful he is now sharing these gifts with me and the world.  Thank you Bob!"

Ann Lopresti, D.O.M.; R.Ph.

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